One component thin-film solvent-borne intumescent coating for fire protection of structural steelwork

  • Provides up to 120 minutes protection from cellulosic fires
  • Fast-drying, providing short handling times
  • Off-site or on-site application
  • Up to 1000 µm (40.0 mils) DFT in a single coat
  • Suitable for C1 to C4 internal and external environments (ISO 12944); for dry internal (C1) environments no topcoat is required
  • Weather resistant up to 12 months without topcoat provided the coating has been applied in accordance with INFORMATION SHEET 1222 and is not subject to running or pooling water, high humidity or immersion conditions
  • Tested and assessed to EN 13381-8, BS 476-20/21 and Factory Mutual Class number 4970
  • CE marked product, ETA 20/1135
  • Assessed to ETAG 018-2 for all durability classifications
  • PDS
  • SDS

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